Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hack bank account and transfer money to another account

This is a great hacking toolz dont think you can get it else where to download it  is called SPARTACUS toolz for doing transfer i am so sure it will be deleted soon but if you want it you can  contact me in my email address if the downloading link does not work any longer. This tools is used by great hacker to hack into local bank database and do some money transfer mostly UK and US banks.


                                                DOWNLOAD SPARTACUS

Hack any paypal email address with this great toolz

                                         PAYPAL DH

PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 automatically establishes connection with PayPal's Database and scans the database for specified PayPal Account information including Passwords, Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Telephone Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, Bank Routing Numbers, Credit Card Details as well as Account Balance, All within a matter of minutes.

PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 establishes connection with PayPal Database via HTTP Proxy or SOCKS Proxy within 5 minutes (Depending on the speed of your internet connection).
PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 has the ability to save the results of your search to a TEXT File (.txt NOTEPAD File) so you don’t have to waste time writing the results of your search down.

PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 also has additional powerful features like transferring funds from the Hacked PayPal to any other PayPal Account of your choice.
(PLEASE NOTE: The Hacked account must have a POSITIVE account balance before you can transfer funds and PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 CANNOT add funds from Bank Account.

When using PayPal Database Hacker v1.5, You can decide if you want the Details of your Transaction to be displayed in the Account Owners “Recent Activity Records” or not. You can also go to PayPal’s website {www.paypal.com} directly from PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 by just clicking the "white" PAYPAL button.
When PayPal Database Hacker v1.5 is launched, the application automatically detects your Internet Connection Settings before initializing the software.



Have you ever wonder how some hackers that sell fullz credit card to you get them *Fullz CC* ?\
1. some hack shops database for customers credit card information
2. with some simple programing line, some hacker hacks some bank database that are vulnerability to hacking and extract credit card information
3. some hacker hack your computer which you use to do online shopping by getting keystrokes from your computer which include some credit card information which you use to do your online shopping
4. some programs has been decoded by some great hacker that help in hacking and shopping database and extract some credit card informations.



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Sunday, February 15, 2015



+ Hello you all around the world, through many years of experience working in the western union bank, we have released this software, and now we want to share them for you enjoy i    

   - What's Wester Union BUG ? And How does it work ???

- A special software writen and programmed for all to use on the internet to make a lot of money......it works with kinds of windows....XP, win 7, Vista etc , Mac OS , linux.
Wester Union Bug is a software that cracks Western Union databases and gives the DATA of Western Union infomation for payment made to any country in the world.
It scans the Western Union worldwide database and gets you MTCN from any country and city you choose just within 20 Minutes of clicking on the button start hack.
The Western Union Bugversion comes with two types of Activation code, the first 20 digit activation code logs you into the first panel whereby you do fresh transfer while the second 20 digit activation code logs you into the Western Union database.
You can also use the software to make a fresh transfer by also scanning out a Western Union agent logins and using it to make a transfer to any Western receiving country in the world.
It is easy to use. And make quickly countries such as Africa, EU, CA, AU.
It can change the sender informations to any other information if you want.


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Saturday, February 14, 2015

BOA online credit card generator

Hey guys have got this great toolz for generating valid credit card with details including bank details. It was a very great tools that generate series of credit card with details from any bank. just select the bank you want and click on generate thats all Make sure you are connected to internet and have a very good and fast SOCKs


for more info: zeedhack@gmail.com